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Why Choose James Street Cannabis Store in Hamilton?

At James Street Cannabis, we care.
We believe in education, transparency, and friendliness. We are also privileged to be of service — and build something we are proud of — to the North End of Hamilton.

We started this business because we love all things Cannabis. Rather than just exist as another Ontario Dispensary, we wanted to be a part of the transition of Cannabis leaving the legacy market.

At James Street Cannabis Store, you can saunter in, meet our friendly staff, and just ask for your favorite weed, pre-rolled joints, vaping pods, vape cartridges, and smoking accessories.
Curious to see what we have in store? Here’s a quick look at what’s available at our Ontario Cannabis dispensary.

Hamilton’s Best Weed Edibles: From Soft Chews to Gummies

What if you are tired of smoking and just want to chew instead? We have a solution for that. Find some of the best cannabis edibles at our Hamilton weed dispensary.
In the mood to try out our weed edibles? Walk-in to our store. Browse around.
Pick from some of the best weed edibles in Hamilton.

Choose from a range of delicious soft chews such as Raspberry Vanilla Chews or Peach Mango Soft Chews. Or drift away by munching on Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel or Milk Chocolate flavors.

Bewildered, confused, don’t know what to try? Just ask any of our friendly staff — and they’ll help you pick the best weed edibles for the season.

James Street Cannabis Dispensary: Cannabis Smoking Accessories

If you want to take cannabis home, you can. We are open (during business hours) and you can find us on the map.
As long as you are of legal age, you can Shop from a range of Smoking devices and smoking accessories at James Street Cannabis shop at Hamilton — the best cannabis dispensary in North End and beyond.

Take your pick from among smoking pipes, vaping pods, vaping cartridges, vaporizers, rolling papers, rolling trays, bongs, metal screens, and more.

Indulge & Relax With a Great In-store Experience: That’s What We Are All About…

Our in-store experience is what we are all about. Our staff can assist customers of all experience levels while our visual aids provide product information at a glance.
We have daily staff picks, daily specials, and best of all, an excellent soundtrack with a warm and spacious atmosphere.

We also plan to launch a few events where you can get together and meet others who share the same love and passion for Cannabis that you have.

Shop Online For Cannabis: Local Pick-up for Hamilton

Ever wondered if there was a “hamilton cannabis dispensary near me”? Great news. We are nearby, we are open, and we are also a click away on your browser (or phone).

We offer local pick-up for your favorite Cannabis products to your door. If you are of the legal age, search for the products you want, and just place an order online at James Street Cannabis Shop and we’ll take care of it for you.

James Street Cannabis Company
574 James Street N
Hamilton ON

Tel: 905-308-9444

Operation Hours:
10am – 10pm 7 days

RSA# 1173264

Issued to: 1919764 Ontario Inc.


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