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What to know about CBD and where to get it in Hamilton

Approvals from the government have significantly contributed to the rising acceptance and boost in production for CBD-infused products. Since the legalization of recreational and medical use of hemp and marijuana in 2018, the market for CBD has grown substantially. As such, you can now buy hemp-derived CBD products from dispensaries in Hamilton and all over the country!

Types of CBD

CBD oil, which has been taken from a cannabis plant, usually comes in a glass with a liquid dropper. The dropper allows a user to control how much CBD they’re going to take in or mix into food. The amount of CBD there is in each drop can usually be read off of the label just so that users can gauge how much they should release from it. 

Meanwhile, CBD gummies usually have a set amount in them, with some formulas featuring the CBD extract or even the CBD oil. They’re usually considered a soft, chewy treat or candy, which are perfect for adults who want to get the same perks of cannabis while enjoying something relatively sweeter.

Lastly, there we have topical CBD products such as face creams, body lotions, bath salts and even lip balms! You can view our wide collection of CBD products below.


CBD oil is normally consumed on its own, placing a couple of drops under your tongue and swallowing after letting it linger for a couple of seconds. This often comes unflavored, so there’s no bitterness that comes with it. However, if you’re looking for more of a kick, there is a variety featuring CBD oil in different flavours like citrus or mocha.

Users also have the option of mixing CBD oil with other drinks and liquids, which is entirely different from CBD gummies that are meant to be taken on their own. Unlike having CBD oil absorbed right away, gummies are meant to be chewed, enjoyed, and digested. It can be a tad more enjoyable for those with a sweet tooth and affinity for fruitiness.

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